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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

We now have three Greek scholars, two associated with Bob Jones University and one at First Baptist Church of Atlanta, Georgia, in absolute agreement with the definition of andrapodistes. These represent the highest theological levels of both Bob Jones University (70,000 graduates listed) and the Southern Baptist Convention (16,000,000 members listed).

The taxation of labor and property is slavery. And Christians are instructed to persue freedom form slavery (see: I Corinthians 7:21b and 7:23). Gene Chapman:

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Fundamental to American culture and Christian teaching is the view that one has the right to the 'fruit of their own labor' (Eccl. 3:13; Prov. 31:31) -- property. The Socialist view is that all property is the possession of the State, violating this sacred principle that has made America the great economic power of the world in past generations. Gene Chapman, Founder -- Christian AntiCommuinst Party.

Tuesday, March 02, 2004

The payment of a property and/ or income tax by a free Christian is a violation of God's Word. Greek translation: "You [free Christians] be categorically not the literal, figurative, involuntary or voluntary slaves of men" (I Corinthians 7:23).

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

"Enslaver" (I Timothy 1:10): (Greek word: andrapodistes) One who imposes a taxing of labor (i.e. income tax) upon an uncondemned free person; thus, under the judgment of the Moral Law of God.

2nd Plank of The Communist Manifesto: A heavy progressive or graduated income tax.

"God vs. The Tenth Plank of The Communist Manifesto"

Tenth Plank of The Communist Manifesto: Free education for all children in public schools. Abolition of children's factory labor in its present form. Combination of education with industrial production.

America's use of the Tenth Plank: (Gradual shift from private education to publicly funded began in the Northern States, early 1800's. 1887: federal money (unconstitutionally) began funding specialized education. Smith-Lever Act of 1914, vocational education; Smith-Hughes Act of 1917 and other relief acts of the 1930's. Federal school lunch program of 1935; National School Lunch Act of 1946. National Defense Education Act of 1958, a reaction to Russia's Sputnik satellite demonstration, provided grants to education's specialties. Federal school aid law passed, 1965, greatly enlarged federal role in education, "head-start" programs, textbooks, library books.)

Christian Position: In Ephesians 6:4, we read, "And ye fathers, provoke not your children unto wrath: but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord." That word 'nurture' is a Greek word: "paideia," which comes from the Greek word, "paideuo." These words mean "instruction" or "to teach." The mood presented here is that a Christian father is to raise or educate his children within a 'greenhouse' or "Garden of Eden" type environment, bathed in God's Spirit. Under the age of adulthood, say K-12, a child is to be raised in the 'greenhouse of God,' not the 'spiritual desert of State.'

As a strong Constitutional Separation of Church and State proponent (i.e. The Government shall make no laws respecting an establishment of religion), my position is that the State usurped its authority when it formed the Public School system in America. A father in specific, the family more indirectly and the church even more indirectly, are instructed by God to educate children. It has never been the function of the State to fund benevolence for the poor or to fund the education of children. These duties are reserved for the church and the individual. In fact, the church and the individual, in our time, are raped by the state of their assets to be redistributed by the state, in the name of the state. Where is Jesus honored in the life of the church or the individual in all this? He is not honored! It's called Communism!


Gene Chapman, Minister of Christ

"Slavery Must Stop Here And Now"

The other day, I was listening through the New Testament being read on tape, and I Corinthians 7:20-24 jumped out at me so much so that I couldn't get to sleep until 2 a.m. Let's have a look at the death blow God offers slavery of every kind.

In verse 20, Paul the Apostle is telling the church at Corinth that "servants" (ie. slaves) who are saved while already "servants" shouldn't go around causing upheaval in the society around them. When you get saved, don't be jumpy; rather, stay at your post.

In verse 21, Paul uses a Greek word which means "slave," as I've already alluded to above. The King James 1611 Bible could just as easily have been written, "Art thou called being a slave?" So Paul is telling slaves in specific not to run off or cause conflict with their master.

God does lay out a through-the-back-door moral challenge to both slaves (vs. 21) and slave owners (ie. "free" vs. 22) that they are to use freedom when it is given, assuming they are a slave. And the free person is to be as a slave to Christ Jesus (vs. 22). The moral idea is that slavery is not the preferred state of a person in God's eyes. So slave owners have to go to bed each night knowing that God wants everyone to "use" (vs. 21) any freedom they are given. This is the moral argument that led the United Kingdom and later America out of the African Slave Trade.

Now for the death blow to slavery. In I Corinthians 7:23, Paul, under the guidance of the Holy Ghost writes for us all, down through the ages, "Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the [slaves] of men." If you are a "free born Christian" or a "free now Christian," you are the purchased possession of Jesus Christ, by his finished work on the cross. As such, you do not have the authority to be a slave to a man or any system made by man.

Let's nail the coffin shut. The word, "servants" in I Corinthians 7:23 is the Greek word, "doulos." It means, "a slave," as I already indicated. But there is a linguistic nature to this word that is important. The word "slave" mentioned here is either "literally or figuratively," and either "voluntary or involuntary."

So, a 'free born' or 'free now' Christian is instructed by God that they do not have the authority to become a slave to a man or a slave to a man made system, either literally or figuratively, either voluntarily or involuntarily. We are the property of Jesus Christ (vs. 23).

So whether you are a Christian Tax Slave in America, an Christian African sold into slavery in the Sudan or in Ghana, Africa, or whether you are one of those listed on and a Christian, God's instruction to you is that you do not have the authority to be a slave to anyone but God. And God wants you free to do his work of Love.

You can't even "volunteer" to be a slave, according to I Corinthians 7:23.

Finally, in verse 24, God tells us that wherever we are saved into the family of God, stay. If you are born in slavery, don't fight it. If you are "free born" or "free now," then "be not ye the slaves of men," literally, figuratively, voluntarily or involuntarily. It is the instruction of your God.

My experience is that they are slaves who stand, speak, walk and work when told. They who tell you to do these things are not your master. Jesus is your master, and his instruction to you is not to stand, speak, walk or work when told by these presumed masters. Do not participate in their evil deed, lest you become a part of their enslavement effort and disobey God's instruction to every free born or free now Christian: "BE NOT YE THE SLAVES OF MEN!"

Pastor Gene Chapman

Saturday, January 10, 2004

"God vs. The First Plank of The Communist Manifesto"

The First Plank of The Communist Manifesto: Abolition of property in land rights and the application of all rents of land to public purposes.

America's use of this First Plank: (Zoning - Model ordinances proposed by Secretary of Commerce Herbert Hoover widely adopted. Supreme Court ruled "zoning" to be constitutional in 1921. Private owners of property required to get permission from government relative to the use of their property. Federally owned lands are leased for grazing, mining, timber usages, the fees being paid into the U Treasury.)

Christian Position: The Bible teaches that it is the "gift of God" to "enjoy the good" of your labor (ecclesiastic 3:13). This one text, along with Proverbs 31:31 was largely responsible for America being able to throw off the attack of Communism on our own shores in the early 20th Century. But the financial and intellectual elites would not be cast off forever. They, through our Public Schools (Public Schools are the 10th Plank of The Communist Manifesto), changed our historical understanding of the evils of Communism and its opposition to the Biblical values that blessed America.

In Bible days, a man owned an olive tree farm, let's say. He didn't pay tithes on his land, his trees or the cart he used to haul the olives to market. He paid tithes on the olives he raised on his land. He paid tithes (taxes) on his increase from assets, not tithes (taxes) on assets.

In America, we are taxed now on our land, our cars and our labor, etc. These are all Biblical assets, not to be taxed. When you trade your labor to an employer, you have no increase from assets; you have an equal trade of your energies that you got from sleep in your bed, food on your table, etc. This is a barter of your labor for the employer's assets; thus, labor is an asset and not to be taxed. The car you drive is an asset, not to be taxed.

When we allow the taxation of assets, little old ladies like my mother end up chained to the tax tread mill by the Government, paying property taxes that she can't possibly keep up with to her grave. She will have to sell the home she paid off 20 years ago soon, just because the Government has the speed on her tread mill set to high for her to keep up with. And I hear these stories all over America. It is immoral to tax assets for just the reasons I've outlined here.

Christianity ran off Communism a hundred years ago from America's shores, and here we are running it off again.